2. Houston to Amarillo, TX.

Day 1-2

We headed out of Houston at 7.30pm on Saturday 22rd April.  We drove for an hour and then checked into a motel to spend the night.

We were then able to hit the road bright and early on Sunday morning. It took 10 hours to Amarillo which was our next over night stop.

I offered to drive several times during the journey….but Ed said he was happy…I get the feeling he may not trust me with his beloved Beast! Suits me!

We’d heard about a famous ‘must try’ restaurant for ribs and steak called The Big Texan.


If you can eat their 72oz steak (that’s about 2.5kg of meat) with all the veggies in under an hour you get it for free. Fortunately neither Ed nor Izzy fancied the challenge – if they had it would have been a pretty anti social meal as they would have had to sit on a special stage on full view of the whole restaurant while they gorged themselves!

The Big Texan was utterly OTT with its cowboy theming but great fun!


Among other things, they had a shooting gallery,


a haunted portrait gallery !


They picked us up in a limo – which had cow horns on the front! The food was good and Ed loved their home brewed IPA so all in all it made for a fabulous first night on the Roadtrip.

The next morning we headed out of town with a pit stop at Cadillac Ranch. This is a line of old Cadillac’s which a farmer has ‘planted’ in one of his fields. Anyone is most welcome to turn up with a can of paint and spray the cars to their hearts content. Great fun was had by all!



Next stop: Santa Fe, New Mexico.

2 thoughts on “2. Houston to Amarillo, TX.

  1. Finally I have found some time to sit down and read your blog. Two posts in and I love it already. This sounded like a fabulous 48 hours. I will be an avid reader from here on. Keep ’em coming 🙂


    1. Thank you! Glad you like it! We are so impressed with the national parks – just stunning! Put moab on your ‘to do’ list! We just scratched the surface – plan to go back for more hiking and biking!


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