3. Amarillo to Santa Fe, NM

Day 2-4

It was an easy 5 hour drive from Amarillo to Santa Fe. We left the oil tanks and nodding donkeys behind, replaced with wind farms. The scenery became very arid and flat as we headed north towards the desert and rose to an elevation of 7000 feet. We crossed our first state line – into New Mexico and the state capitol Santa Fe.


The gorgeous blue skies showed off the desert at its best.

Yet again Ed declined my offers to share the driving!

We checked into a gorgeous boutique hotel (called the Vanessie, in case anyone is planning to go to Santa Fe) – we all loved our a stunning two bedroomed, two bathroomed suite – probably the most luxurious accommodation we’ll have on this trip – a treat for my Birthday. (Ed had been proposing we stay in a $100 a night motel – he tried to convince me I’d love it – but I had put my foot down!)

The low rise, Santa Fe vibe was great – lots art galleries, museums and old hippies (so I felt right at home) plus sculptures at every corner and numerous cool places to eat and drink – not a chain restaurant in sight!


We had planned a bike ride on my birthday but unfortunately the weather did not cooperate as it poured with rain most of the day. Undeterred instead we visited the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum which was pretty cool (surely that must count as home schooling?) and had a relaxed lunch and chilled afternoon.

We enjoyed a fabulous dinner for my Birthday.


The next morning we checked the weather forecast for out next destination, Mesa Verde National Park, and to my utter horror saw that SNOW was forecast. The children and I desperately tried to convince Ed that we should extend our booking at our gorgeous, WARM, cosy hotel in Santa Fe – but our very own Mountain Man would hear none of it. Snow or no snow – we were going camping!

So we checked out and started our journey to Mesa Verde but en route needed to fit in a visit to the Meow Wolf Museum.


We had no idea what to expect – we just understood it was a ‘must do’ interactive art gallery. And I have to say it was fabulous – never been to anything quite like it before – and likely never will again.

Even from the outside you know you are in for a treat…


the wolf!
the spider

Meow Wolf was utterly mad and fun and inspiring. You enter a traditional home and then a whole host of other ‘worlds’ spill out of it for you to explore and experience. Whoever put it together is pretty special – or twisted – depending on your point of view! These photos and video show just a fraction of what we saw!

through the ice machine
giant fingers
through the tumble dryer
in the mirror room
black and white
the shade capsule
a giant…we don’t know what…
fluro under water world
a musical dino
black & white room

If you are ever in Santa Fe is certainly worth a visit!

Next stop : (Snowy) Mesa Verde




2 thoughts on “3. Amarillo to Santa Fe, NM

  1. That sounded just fabulous. Yes, it must have counted as ‘education’, best make sure that Izzy and JJ make a comprehensive record in their diaries


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